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Sean McGrath


Should Employers Be Worried About Game of Thrones Hangover This Season?

Imagine a version of this happening every weekend: adults structuring their Sundays around one of the most anticipated and most watched shows of our generation. Then dragging their sorry, obsessed behinds into work the next day with little to no emotional or physical energy. Should employers be concerned? Should they adjust? Should they cancel Monday forever?

Narfboy McNarfington


Narfboy Movie Reviews: The Favourite

Last night we had some shots of tequila and turned on "The Favourite" which is a movie about how the Queen of England raised rabbits and sometimes got lost in her own giant castle.

E.A. Hathaway


We've Lost the Trail

Tell them it happened this time on the

Ishibashi Trail, Palos Verdes

And that they won't need to come for me


The bend (in me) has gone gray and green

and back again

Sean McGrath


You Don't Need to Support a Team to Enjoy the Premier League

Besides all of the drama and controversy behind the play, we have a foolproof way to enjoy the league without having to be bogged down by full-on fanaticism.

Sean McGrath


Teaching With Guns

How an obscure scene in 1984 could shed light on our government's response to America's mass shootings.

Sean McGrath


Cannibal Cafe

A man is served up in a back-alley cafe.

From the story:

"When the flesh is released, it seems to shrink, crinkle up, like looking for something of itself to hold onto. It is milky white when held up to the light."

5 minute read

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