October 11, 2017

The USMNT will not be joining the world in Russia next summer. And it is no more than this nation deserves. In fact, it is a lot less.

September 11, 2017



just chainsawed 19 teenagers in

half in a part of the world

we couldn’t pinpoint on a map

and we have no idea how to talk

about it

maybe if it was in the movies

where they conjure up this

gutlust on a script

so many men in a room

arguing over

how they want the critics


August 23, 2017

The nukes and missiles

The annihilation at hand

Light up the sky 

Pour gas on the sand

Send words by bombing

Beat hearts to the dirt

There’s anthrax in the rice 

Mines in the turf 

Make plans to evacuate

Draw a map for the end

The fallout is nigh

Let it begin! 

July 18, 2017

a hundred pin-up women were executed

on the beach

in a dream I had

instagram models in flawless bodies

staring towards the sea

I couldn’t see their faces, only the red holes

in their spines as a rifle echoed

the girl in the white one piece with perfect shoulders

falling funny...

July 18, 2017

All these falseass writers hiding behind their degrees their adjunk 12 kid class that one professor who once told them that was one good line you wrote   behind their screens and editors and agents and tours and speeches and nobody even gets what you're talking about o...

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