February 19, 2017

for Major Heather Penny

The word was

it would be an easy day.

The President got his brief with coffee.

Some fruit went uneaten.

 Curtains were drawn

 to send in the early morning.

“Sun already high in the sky,”

Captain said to her

As she left the staff room and came onto

the air...

February 19, 2017

Oh yeah

I remember going home with her that night

In those purple tights

Dressed for an 80s party

There were sequins

And drugs and berets in all the girls' hair

Snow boots stomping on floorboards

She and her roommates severely underdressed from the weather

Let me warm you up


February 19, 2017

I come here on a midnight blackout

to watch

two kids playing


with a fishes head

They’re pretty good at that

I remember thinking

and that the scales flicker pretty

under parklight at dark

in a way

I wouldn’t expect

The shadow on the moon


the thwack 

on glove leather

a wh...

February 19, 2017

These were the days boys showed dicks and said rape like it was worship

Thirsting for harder bodies, shriller laughs, longer nights, sun day rises licking wounds

Brain cells gurgle down the garbage disposal, foodwaste and the stench of maleness to which we were all immun...

February 19, 2017

With the apartment nearly emptied,

The closets stripped,

The tv, the dresser now only cobwebs and dust;

Just a hand-me-down couch,

Midsummer rain, and a bottle to fight back the day,

   I become. Flooded in night.

In a sweatpool I awake

To the air conditioner switch...

February 13, 2017

The flier delights   skimming the ocean salt in freeglide   with slow motion you might see smiles    tails kissing the surface as they make escape from the phototropic underworld  a breath above the rest   but midair reminds   they are tethered to the water   hooked an...

February 13, 2017

They trail about, packraiding

In the hardest part of winter,

Rifling through unmanned inheritances

And claiming hearts as they lie 

Newly emerged, in the wild

Where nothing is sacrosanct

They gnaw her flesh clean

Gaze up secondarily, red teeth bared, 

Eyes flaked by the fresh...

February 13, 2017

As far as wailing babies go this one was the wailiest -- 

She screeched across ten states, zero to the thousands, 

Made the entire main cabin put on their headphones,

Made her neighbor order three bottles of wine, 

Made a girl think how glad she was to be single,

The young...

February 12, 2017

These were the days boys showed dicks and said rape like it was worship, another threshold breached, a new fantasm makes the list 

Thirsting for harder bodies, shriller laughs, longer nights, sunday rises licking wounds

Brain cells gurgle down the garbage disposal,...

February 12, 2017

How might we make a better chicken, I hear them ask.

Well you can get to know him, for starters,

Flesh always tastes better when you've groomed it yourself.

Think of Oscar and his pet lobster, 

The one that didn't fit in the pot,

He tethered it to the slipknot of his yo-yo


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