March 18, 2017

They trail about, packraiding

In the hardest part of winter,

Rifling through unmanned inheritances

And claiming hearts as they lie 

Newly emerged, in the wild

Where nothing is sacrosanct

They gnaw her flesh clean

Gaze up secondarily, red teeth bared, 

Eyes flaked by the fresh...

March 18, 2017

You guys remember the girl that drove us

From Chameleon to the Bay? 

Joey had had it in the trunk, 

And Sean was in the station filling a cooler

With emergen-c and water,

Our pupils stretched out the windows, 

Derek ached for another one, and

Our music playing on the AUX,


March 18, 2017

Some days I just wanna be a squirrel,

Hopping in and out of trees collecting acorns

And chasing my homies in the park. 

March 18, 2017

Barreling through the stormeye 

Wipers doubled in weight

Windowpanes frosting through

And the steady ticking of sleet and fury on the lid of this streetship.


Spears of ice, wind to make the hull shudder,

The narrowing roads, beating taillights, an expanse of dark be...

March 18, 2017

In this week's viral video,

Thirty turkeys circling a cat corpse

Clucking in cycles as if to raise the dead,

Necks craned to see

Mathematicians observe the orbit,

So many minute hands on a clock, cluck cluck,

Time’s numbers falling off into the melting street,

Beyond strange


March 18, 2017

I wonder if the coyote at the park is always alone,

If he’s sick like they say he is. I hope not.

I’d rather he have a little coyote friend that comes by sometimes;

Maybe they share a catch, yip a little, or just lay on their paws

Until the sun comes down. That’d be better...

March 18, 2017

When I first got here

   I thought I had missed the ocean and landed in the desert

   That the freeways were junkyards and the

   Traffic smog would drown me in my sleep or

   A tanker would run me off a bridge

Then the drought began to break


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