August 6, 2017

I’d invite you over but

I have the roaches here already

and they are using all the glassware

these cups are small landmines in the dark

I dare not tip them

The one I covered today wasn’t as big

as the one belly up in the tub

 (I’ll never know why he chose to die there)

but it...

August 6, 2017

I've already grown used 

To these freeway sounds

To this new smoke 

Your second hand coming 

In through the balcony 

The minutes of night falling

Like a spring moon

Crescent in my view tonight

You slept on many couches that season 

Sweataching knees and back

To some old

Old habit...

July 18, 2017

You ask (wish) for a blank page, and get one with god scrawled on the back of it. Fuck. 

You say. Because you have seen this pattern before. Then,

You fainted on the Priest—the choir stopped mid-hymnal to watch,

Observe your passing, like a blind boy trying to make a tack...

July 18, 2017

You try to detox

   with sleep

sweat   hot tea

   by coughing up

sin blowing

     brain waste

from your nostrils

but still


the powerlessness

of flesh saying

fill me! I tingle

inside, feed me


so you go through old notes

promises you made


March 18, 2017

Some days I just wanna be a squirrel,

Hopping in and out of trees collecting acorns

And chasing my homies in the park. 

February 19, 2017

for Major Heather Penny

The word was

it would be an easy day.

The President got his brief with coffee.

Some fruit went uneaten.

 Curtains were drawn

 to send in the early morning.

“Sun already high in the sky,”

Captain said to her

As she left the staff room and came onto

the air...

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