That 'Westworld' scene with the BBD is... just no

November 3, 2016


In an era rife with political controversy and racial turmoil, we naturally welcome Sunday night distractions, often in the form of sport, food, and television shows. Sometimes, we tune out the outside world for a few moments and turn down the volume in our own heads to indulge in some science-fiction -- perhaps even dive into a show about cyborgs and cowboys, overlooking some huge logical leaps in order to really immerse ourselves in this western world when, all of a sudden, with no explanation, there it is: a big black dick. 


Now is there anything wrong with a BBD on HBO television? Or any D, really? White, small, hard, dressed up with glitter in the pubes -- well, eye of the beholder on that one. Yet, just as with any nudity, shows or films seeking to be artful, relevant, and meaningful at once must also be mindful of their social potential.


To quickly sum up: Sunday's 'Westworld' episode featured a scene in which one of the robot workers in a roller-coaster-tycoon-esque theme park for sadists and rapists was brought in for repair. His female inspector was giving the body a once over and made sure to warn him (or rather remind us), that if he keeps malfunctioning he will not be able to continue working in a plot-line that suits his.. achem .. gazes down to the flaccid penis .. "talents." 


Oh word, bitch? His talents? What about his aspirations? What about his little dreams of robot sheep? What if homie doesn't just want to be a mechanized hole-filler? What if he wants a role to fill instead? Can you at least give him a name and a plot arc before you start flaunting his dick on Sunday primetime like some Jim Crow brothel-bro?


Hey, showrunners Jim Nolan and Lisa Joy, how about not reducing your actors to chattel while simultaneously typecasting them -- "we're looking for a guy who can show his dick and not say a whole lot... oh and it has to be a really big, pretty, black dick." Just because your viewers pay 15$ a month and you got Anthony Hopkins acting like a weirdo again doesn't mean you can perpetuate Mandingo-ism in the guise of craft. 


Again, it is not only about the dick-show in itself. In fact we could use a little more daft-dicking in our lives to balance out all the senseless titties and big booty hoes. But for a show like 'Westworld,' which has not been seeking to say much about race in its robot-dreaming mindfuckery, to parade a black man on screen for a ten-second cameo of 9-inch proportions is a mishandled reminder that, you know, slavery was once a thing. You better make some reparations next week, you HBO dickheads.


Luke Cage, you're fucking next. 



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