The Inauguration

January 18, 2017

How did we elect this man?

                Fuck you. That’s how.

   7 million to the chambers. Napalm showers.

     Endless African hands chopped   like ivory tusks.

          The rape of Nanking     nuclear annihilation

burn burn burn the faggots the witches the gypsies

  drone bomb Zion     drown my soul in opium

peel off my eyelids   and play torture porn until my lungs

    go melt burst   to cinder


How do we continue to fail each other time after time?

     dumpster rape    public hangings    throatfucking

  smoke AIDS out of an apple you fucking slaves

watch watch watch this great wreck of existence

plunge to doom on the big screen, a bag of popcorn

while the sun falls heavy, sends the boiling ocean into

every last mother’s womb.


   Laugh in hysterics, kill your loved ones,

 eat suicide for breakfast,

   whisper cum cum cum into a 12 year old’s ear. Daydream

of every poor colored diseased country simply


A trillion innocent deaths. Nothing. Nothing.


Does this come and shock and awe to you now?

   Good. It should, human.

It still fucking should.



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