Climate Change Deniers, Nihilists, et al

February 2, 2017

So the country has become a circus,

A tiredly unfolding soap, a two-star action flick,


Only watchable because the creators know how bad it is

(right?) they are in on the score, it is parody! 


Next week on Zombie Hordes at our Airports,

Foreign families are stripped to begging,


There is a bonfire on Main Street,

And the special ingredient in the cookoff is nuclear waste.


Ah! Look how they laugh, dance, and

Wave their lips. Put on the news,


Word and truth are being lynched

On the same rope in City Square, that one’s a real kicker.


It’s only television, and

I can’t change the channel.


Now streaming parades and porn,

Sugar falls from the skies,


Eat up my data,

Fill my eyes


And ears and colon with emptiness, calorie, fear

    (what do veins feel when they implode?)


There’s a through-line in here somewhere

But I can’t see it through the smoking mirror,


Is that a garden hose busting at the spine

While the gardens catch fire?


A roadmap to the square-edge of the planet?

Or a plate full of drugs?


Yep, the rope is around us now.

And, apparently, beyond this,


Is someone’s shadow on the killswitch,

A tide come to wash it all to Genesis.


Hands in the air if your spirit is already drowning!

Writ(h)ing worms, save yourselves in the dirt,


Burrow to the cold and rock until you are

Somewhere beyond screens and satellites,


Send a post-card with your dynamic troupe 

Blasting their way down until


The foundation hears your cry, crumble, crumble,

it begins and ends at the hands of the same man.



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