40 Days of Winter

February 11, 2017

When the drought breaks

  we are in the

  car splashing through black

  highway speeding in

  reds and heads

  you turn up the stereo

  drown out


When the drought breaks

   you are on the balcony

   drawing palms who shake

   at the wind like a wet

   dog beneath

   the stars


When the drought breaks

  I am on the trail kicking

  mudbacked tasting

  cloud and sweat seeking

  coyote and stream


When the drought breaks

  we say levee again and splash

  desert creatures up from the deep

  like life from  the grave


They are having laps for breakfast

In Bums Paradise


They are digging trenches

Along the channels


They are buying umbrellas and

Little shoes for their pets


They say remember, remember when the world was once wet.


When the drought breaks

  we speak of the flood


  when the earth was


  when lightning hailed dawn in stormy fits

  and exposed every shelter with quicksand


  exposed the naked, dripping truth,


    we are so much water,

    so much flesh, 

    and so little

    of everything else. 

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