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February 12, 2017

These were the days boys showed dicks and said rape like it was worship, another threshold breached, a new fantasm makes the list 


Thirsting for harder bodies, shriller laughs, longer nights, sunday rises licking wounds


Brain cells gurgle down the garbage disposal, foodwaste and the stench of maleness to which we were all immune


We rip soft ones from the bone, initiate, brutalize, inculcate, a staging area of mirrors and raw assholes -- you know how monkeys fling shit?


Someone had to be Kipling's beasts in the new order; is there a single word for cannibalizing and fucking your own family? Both acts performed in succession -- where's that one rank, Dante? 


Skin scrapes under nail like an orange peel, "you must scrub man!" how will she ever date you if you always have death on your fingertips? The crunching of a throat like a leaf in autumn, nervous sweat audible in those empty screams. 


So this is how we gained capacity for genocide, a billion daily penetrations not enough, we needed to conquer souls whole, explode mountains, shackle rivers, enfetter stars, fuck the mystic into calamity and leave the door open behind us. 


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