Moving West

February 12, 2017

the main differences here: 

you can't leave the water running


the roads are restless

and you can be whatever you want with enough imagination


tankers storming  the faultlines 

of the freeway    glassquakes   rumble fish


hey, you're pouring wine on your bed again 

crunching dreams and stories together 


Setting: an 8-lane hunk of infrastructure 

all your lucidity drenched in blood and thunder 


on the balcony – the language of rubber

someone making music out of gas and concrete


here you find the same tankers

only this time the faultlines storm them   



How come every time something shrinks and explodes, 

I am so far inside I can't feel the heat?


Is this how the first quark felt 

at the start of the universe   


that smashing into things at break-the-nothingness speed 

would not break the nothingness? 


What was the first invention? 

How long after did they make love? 


Did maps come before roads? 

And can a child really ask too many questions? 


in this dream

there is no silence


in this world  

the movement never ends


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