The Band gets a Ride from Molly through a War Zone

March 18, 2017

You guys remember the girl that drove us

From Chameleon to the Bay? 

Joey had had it in the trunk, 

And Sean was in the station filling a cooler

With emergen-c and water,


Our pupils stretched out the windows, 

Derek ached for another one, and

Our music playing on the AUX,

The sky falling in overhead,

She swooned then, lads, remember?

She looked back at us and literally swooned. 


So Joey crawled up from the end and took the wheel, 

Sean poured orange powder from the packet and began to inhale,

Derek roared, Andy filmed.


"We need to get this thing in drive!"

 Captain Joe drummed the SUV over a curb and into the Pacific,

It took on water now, 

"Save the sandwiches, Save the beer," we hummed.

The waves piled in, we were set to go down. 


"Dump the fat girls. Everyone else to the back!" Captain ordered,

so Derek crooned another line loud this time,

and when Sean took off his gas mask the airbag punched him in the face. 


Dan was there when we hit land to pull us out of the HmmmV,

but it was still a scene. We were bloody now,

and Derek was yelling for a medic but we couldn't see him from the neck down,

Andy kept pointing that damn camera.

The Captain drummed it brakeless back into park,


Sean watched his eyes go from horror to glass when the flashbang blew up his nightvision,

and Derek on the Bay couldn't hear his own voice so he kept asking

what time of night it was, and where all the ladies had gone. 


At this point, all Dan could do was bury his head in his knees

and his feet in the sand, and when we started feeling the rockets

play overhead we tried to get the phones working but they had

turned to melt in the water, and the only dry one was playing music,

a riff amplified by the sea shell.


A wind now, and the notes drafting down shore to the

blanket of lights sizzling static about the pier,

the rockets in the sky like percussion and us all huddled in under the spell of song. 


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