Considering Seeds

April 14, 2017

Consider the coconut, stoic of the palms,

who hulks about the shores, tides out to sea to float

for miles and months until it lays up swollen and keen

on a foreign shore, ready for re-birth


Consider the hitchhiker, quick to latch onto a sock,

a lace, any undiscerning passerby, and cling for life

as long as life means a journey away

from the stalks they grew from


Consider the wind flyers, who take to the air in parachutes,

wear recklessness on their sleeves and

make their way in numbers,

so few landing in a pool that suits them


Consider the acorn, eternally devoted to providing,

with humble hopes of being forgotten in storage

after a short winter, only to burrow deep and quiet

and rise in a sunlit, oaken harvest


Consider the seed pod, pressure building up by the season,

rounding out until the skin can no longer contain the core,

who then bursts out into the world at great speed,

blind to everything but instinct


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