Drinking With a Cold

April 14, 2017

you wouldn’t know it unless you’re a heavy drinker

but a head cold is a hell of a time to drink


first there’s the nyquil, which you can have all day,

and how that interacts with the liquor


then the excuse for hot toddies

which is just hot whiskey, cheap tea, and a lemon,


and then comes the head numbing stupefiedness

of being cold drunk deaf and senseless on off your couch


on off your bed on onto the balcony off the balcony

into the stars and at last you can taste them


you’ve wondered for so long what they might taste like

but your nose is stuffed and your sense dumb


and you put them into your mouth the sparkling sky spheres

and you know they must taste brilliant


but you can’t taste a damn thing but steel and air

and you wonder if it’s always been this way

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