Final Savasana

July 18, 2017

some of us decided to spend the last night on earth

   at the yoga studio


Shari and Anu ran the session together

   and they didn’t even need to turn on the heat


   the world was burning from coast to mountain

they wore their clearest voices and best robes


   and turned every position into an exaltation

all the way down to submitting pigeon


they lifted us from the mats and we sizzling

   sweat rose in power and breath


as if we were to be monuments!

   inhaling every beat of the drum exhaling


every negative atom from crowns to toe tips

   burning like warriors    exalted


how we burned


until, at savasana, grounding to earth

   we let out the depths from our lungs



                   I don’t know who started it first

but there was a sob


then many

  some left the room gasping what air was left


but Shari and Anu alive with the light of the end

  led on   fanned incense around our spirits


rubbed our temples and told us in that room

things that would be forever


sealed in a final intention


and we were welcome to burn with them

bow our heads and switch on our third eye


in the face of darkness curl into child’s pose

  or just rise and walk out into fire any time we’d like



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