Urban Fossils, Impervious Surfaces

July 18, 2017

A stretch of blacktop

Vast as desert expanding into dreamshape,

Junk oil and rust seep into open veins,

It pulses and grows, an unpuddle, 

But not fluid,

Who first laid these foundations at the foothills,

Left little room for the brush; 


The hot wind sweeps over, paper cup duststorms

Circling in, waves of blurred heat,

A sandal fixed in the tar, the black widens- 

In my own dream it gapes and waxes as I set out upon it,

Hooked into the mountainside like a suckling, 

I watch it clamor over the paths;


There is a video where men pour epoxy into an ant farm, 

Let it stretch and solidify their neuron freeways, 

Millions of legs and torsoes fossilized in the name of science, 

To unearth the intricacies of their world, 

They carve out the tomb and study the lairs, the rooms, the workhalls, 

Measure the angles, the lanes, the exits and entrances;


Children once played here, dirt in hand,

I cross the white gridlines incessance,

A leaflet flies past, an electric light buzzes on 

To tell us it is now night, the croak of crickets

Or the refrigerator storm, Bang Bang they yell, 

I got you I got you.



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