5 things that would happen if MLS went to a promotion/relegation system

August 4, 2017

With the continued expansion of the USA's top soccer league, fans and investors alike have been pushing for the MLS to move to a system that better mirrors the set up of leagues around the world. If you don't know what a promotion/relegation system is, you can click here, but you're probably not reading this if you don't know, so I'll save you some time. (It's basically like a game of King of the Hill, but with millions and millions of dollars at stake).


It is no secret that pro/rel makes for more competitive play across the clubs, each of whom could be vying for a glory-run at a promotion or staring at a relegation battle at any point in the season. It is also said to be better for the development of talent within the club system as a whole, oh and some Miami dude wanted to give a billion and some dollars to the MLS to institute pro/rel and they were like "nah" and a bunch of people were like whaaat and then they wrote a bunch of literature on it but whatever. Here's the good stuff. 5 things that would DEFINITELY happen if the MLS began a system of promotion and relegation with the USL and NASL. 


1. A bunch of club owners and investors would be pissed. 

From Sunil Gulati: "You’ve got investments that have been made. And so if the leagues get together and say we should look at [pro/rel], are we willing to help facilitate that discussion? Sure, we’d be willing to. But if you make an investment today and the next day the government—in this case, us—changes the rules completely and changes the value of your investment? That’s going to lead to some serious problems."


2. Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman would fuck. 

They've been waiting to get together for a while now. This would be just the distraction these guys need to start ramming each other with their washed-up chodes.


3. This guy would immediately get a starting spot on the Philadelphia Union. 

It's in his contract. 


4. The StubHub center would fall into the sea. 

God wanted it this way. 


5. Bees. 

Definitely lots of bees. 



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