Wedding Dance

August 6, 2017

He, reading quick lines

About a dog corpse

On the beach

Asundered by sand 

And seachanges

Children collecting teeth

In a full moon tide


She, studying occlusions


Pedicle flaps

And surgical phase 3.2, 

Gums receding into jaw 

When the teeth are no more 



Back and forth

Wine and smoke 

In a moveless summer 


"We need to learn how to waltz." 


The guy leads

She takes his hand

Downand up

Downand up


"But teeth are plentiful, and vertebrae." 


We're trying on dresses tomorrow, before clinic.


The little girl was howling last time and I hadn't even opened her mouth yet. 


We can always just dubstep on stage. The older people might not get it though.


All the grass went to needle before the spring came


The dust sat still in footclouds, everything plastic was melting slowly


and her cavities were filled with bubble gum


He poured more smoke into their glass. The wine painting tongue. 




Quick quick

This one's the foxtrot

It's what Vietnamese people do when they get old

Babe are you getting all this.

Let's try it to music. 


He types:

Foam goes into the mandible, out,

A skeleton glows

In daytime

The dog wagging its tail

Waves come in


Two three 


Two three 


Men and girls dance their teeth off 

Children leave rocks under their pillows

For the moon


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