Are we ready to talk about how big of an asshole Ned Stark was?

August 15, 2017

​After last night's subtle reveal of Jon Snow's true lineage, the internet has busted a nut about everything from Gilly's reading prowess to the potential conflict at hand between Dany and the, apparently, true and rightful heir to the Iron Throne: Jon Snow.


As they've summed up over at Fanfest, in case you missed it:


The big reveal came during the scene where Gilly is helping Sam duplicate some records.  While reading the diary of High Septon Maynard, Gilly makes note of how detailed her records are.  He recorded details such as how many steps and windows there are in the Citadel and Great Sept and how many bowel movements he had.  While reading further, Gilly then asks Sam, “What does annulment mean?”  Sam, who has become a big agitated at this point, snaps back, “it’s when a man sets aside his lawful wife.”


Gilly goes on to explain further that Maynard wrote that he issued an annulment for a “Prince Ragger” and also remarried him to someone else at the same time in a secret ceremony in Dorne.  Sam was too frustrated to actually hear what Gilly had just said but, we heard her loud and clear!  “Prince Ragger” is almost certainly meant to be Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenery’s [sic] brother, and Jon Snow’s father.


So, what this means is that Jon Snow is not just an out-of-wedlock snow-baby, but rather the product of careful calculation and planning. He is the legitimate child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, therefore the only living character with such a legitimate claim to the throne. 


And Ned Stark knew this all along, the prick.


Sure, there are a few reasons why Ned would have kept this huge secret to himself, but let's consider some things that may or may not have happened if Ned hadn't taken this kingdom-breaking secret into his stubborn fucking grave. 


1. Jon wouldn't have died. 


As the cast-out bastard of Winterfell, Jon finds himself taking the black, eventually rising to become Lord Commander only to be betrayed by Olly and Co. (fuck you guys still). Yes, he was revived. But he's still pretty messed up from that shit. 


2. The Sept of Baelor wouldn't have blown up. 


It is likely that, after some turmoil, Jon would have been established as the rightful heir in the kingdoms, thus restoring balance and power to the world, without having those Lannister twats mess everything up, like that time Cersei did that domestic terrorism thing and killed many people. Many people.


3. Jon would have already been flying a dragon. 


Yup, flying that thing around all of King's Landing, taking it to the grocery store, to the brothels, wherever, just a nice weekend jaunt about a peaceful kingdom on his dragon instead of going on a goddamn suicide mission with a bunch of rejects beyond the wall. Please come back, Jon! And Tormund. (Gendry you can die I don't really care).


4. Jon wouldn't have had Ygritte die in his arms. 


That shit was sad. 


5. A bunch of people probably wouldn't have had to die in the Battle of the Bastards. 


Pretty much everything is your fault Ned, honestly who takes a major secret like that to the grave. Write it down on paper or something. Tell Varys. Tell Arya. Tell a White Walker. Something! 


6. Bran wouldn't be such a piece of shit. 


Just kidding he still would be. 



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