Tirade on Violence

September 11, 2017




just chainsawed 19 teenagers in

half in a part of the world

we couldn’t pinpoint on a map

and we have no idea how to talk

about it


maybe if it was in the movies

where they conjure up this

gutlust on a script

so many men in a room

arguing over

how they want the critics

to view their next



women and children and

rape and napalm

is so passe

they say

and gas expensive


they are

rats in a corner

and will never tip the king


oh you hacks!

have you finally found out how to

write history?


plant the fireworks

send half the flags



until each day is

international tragedy


what do we have to do

what did that scene mean

what was that line

that sound

it means thirst

it means punch her

head to skull chunks

trash the fish you catch

burn your friend’s forearm

while he sleeps

men, men, contribute!

die on the freeway

just to ruin everyone’s commute


this is (r)evolution

this is where we show our merit

pour blood in the pages of history

report the lies

execute the scholars

put a hydraulic press on the globe

and turn it flat as paper





her clavicle came out her throat

as she tumbled down the





let me write this here


I am no soldier

I am sponge

I am war without guns

hate without injustice

angst in the night

I have been well loved

I have worked

I have mourned

I have teared

I have voted


I can still inherit


with loving parents

and cuddling arms

saying words like sweetheart

snuggle boo


me breathless nuzzle

your smell into my neck

I could wrap up in your

boo-ness forever

if I could inherit this

who hasn’t?

God, who hasn’t.




“For the harpoon gun we aim at God and death,

and all the unknown word, and for the spear—

stuck beast”

And what have we left to trust?

(the ocean the earth the dirt the soul)


“(Had?) I wanted peace

(had) (I) wanted to diffuse

the immovable core

of vengeance in my heart--

birthed there long before there was breathing

and these were letters

a marbling(marveling?) of death

in the red meat of life how

it runs through each movement”


“Just red American

cherry pie violence

we all smell it waft

in the sick air”


remember your manners

as the blood lets

through the mother’s

soft hamstrings

(how easily they shred)


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